Cannabis that doesn’t get high

The effects of cannabis are evident, yet if  THC concentrations  are significantly  reduced , its advantages come out only and exclusively.

In this case we speak of  cannabis light , whose tolerated limit of active ingredients must not exceed the concentration of 0.2% of tetra-hydrocannabinol; On the other hand, the presence of CBD , cannabidiol, a substance found in cannabis sativa, but  which does not act on the psychic processes of those who take it, is  higher  than this percentage   , and which on the other  hand has antioxidant ,  relaxing ,  anti- inflammatory and antipsychotic effects , as well as lowering the pressure in the inner part of the eyeball and promoting sleep thanks to its relaxing effects  cannabis delivery toronto.

As for  the effects of cannabis light  you can visit the various sections of our site, in which we have detailed the topic in depth several times.

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Finally, we conclude by reminding you that cannabis light is always obtained from the drying of the female inflorescences of hemp sativa but, given the characteristics of the product, there will not be a “stoning” effect in those who use it, but rather a relaxing effect and  without particular contraindications .

The consumption of light cannabis can induce a form of addiction very similar to that which occurs when smoking cigarettes. However, we do not recommend the use of the light version together with tobacco, because the consequences could vary compared to the simple intake of the product used alone.

The word hash (or hashish) refers to a cannabis extract produced by separating the resin from the flowers and / or leaves . There are several various paths to build hash, but all implicate segregating the trichomes and mashingp them into a slab, ball, shaft. The outcome is a powerful concentrate, with distinct aromas and impacts.

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