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Describe la herida del eneatipo 1 and how it heals?

The people who are ethical and conscientious are with la herida del eneatipo 1.  This type has some solid principles and a strong sense of right and wrong. They frequently work to improve but make mistakes due to anxiety.

This wound is due to the result of internal pressure and exceeds high expectations and standards. If the causes of anxiety and failure reoccur in the same pattern, it leaves a deep wound and causes him to question his own ethical and moral standards regarding his inability. This causes the person to feel self-criticized and causes emotional harm.

These types are personalities; they consider nothing to be good and try to improve. They continuously strive for improvement and are conscious of their failures. If they fail to do so, their guilt drives them to resent the world’s flaws, which are referred to as la herida del eneatipo 1.

The anger of the person is expressed in the way of frustration, annoyance, and critical judgment. Generally, they have a good heart, and the inability makes them break out in anger in society. This group operates under a strict set of rules, and they anticipate others to do the same. This makes it difficult for them to improve and leads to the occasional attack on them. A healthy type 1 can withstand an attack and be dependable, responsible, and environmentally friendly, but an unhealthy type 1 finds it difficult to accept their limitations and go on living. Here is some therapy to overcome it.

la herida del eneatipo 1

How to heal this?

There are professional therapies and treatments are designed to improve the mental and emotional health of the individual. This therapy is used to provide treatment with the focus on understanding a person and providing motivation to them in a pattern that improves their feelings. There are three common therapy technique to heal the type 1 wound, that are

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of treatment that uses the idea of thought and action to influence emotions. The main aim of this technique is to identify and change the person’s unhealthy mind set.
  • Interpersonal-oriented therapy is used to focus on how they interact with others. This also helps them to build healthy relationships with their surroundings and helps to learn adaptive communication skills.
  • Mindfulness helps the patient to pay full attention to present happenings. This therapy session helps the individuals to have more self-aware about society.