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What is The New .AU Domain

What is The New .AU Domain

In the days of our distant past, a business owner invested heavily into maintaining a professional appearance inside of their storefront or office space. This is the exact kind of mindset that you should be applying to your website as well. The reason behind this is that brick and mortar stores are falling out in favor of websites, and just like a customer would not want to buy from a store that does not look professional or well maintained, the same will go for your website as well which is why you should stay up to date on the trends that might influence how it should appear to others.

all you need to know about the new .au domains

A major aspect of making your website look legitimate instead of like a scam is to use the right domain name. A .net domain name can make you appear like an amateur to users who come across your site, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use .com. Indeed, many countries have their own unique domain names, such as .pk for Pakistan and for the UK. In Australia the old format for domain names was, but that has now changed to just .au. This is all you need to know about the new .au domains, and now that you possess this information you are better equipped to optimize your site.

The main benefit of switching to the .au domain is that it looks cleaner and neater. The format tended to look rather clunky, so it’s great that the government has made the switch. Websites can now look a lot better than they used to, and you might notice an uptick in user traffic after you use it.