Hotel Packages and Promotions Is a Great Way for Hotel

While developing a hotel package strategy, it is vital to remember that building these offerings might not sell out a hotel. If not properly marketed, they might not even get bookings. The hotel packages must showcase proximity to demand generators, the local community, and any unique partnerships and further highlight the value proposition. For marketing purposes, leverage packages and must gain exposure to audiences additionally that might have not. Otherwise, in consideration set put hotel. So, hotel packages and promotions are more straightforward but with proper strategy.

hotel packages and promotions

Hotel packages ideas

  • Gas card package- This is great to target for summer in the leisure drive market.
  • Pet package- Someone might be pet friendly while considering the pet fee with water bowls and treat.
  • Romance package- Upgraded hot tub rooms should be sold instead of using those rooms for an upgrade.
  • Museum package- For discount tickets, check local museums that mainly pass savings to the guest.
  • Movie night package- With soda & popcorn, enjoy a complimentary in-room movie.
  • Lyft/Uber package- Combine with a voucher to Lyft or Uber in case Someone is not within walking distance to the promoting demand generators.
  • Shopping package- Especially in December and November, work with nearby outlets and offer them a coupon booklet.
  • Valet package- To some guests, downtown valet prices might be a sticker shock, and thus, to make it more palatable, switch to a bundle.
  • Restaurant package- If you have a restaurant within walking distance but not in the restaurant on-site.
  • Cruise package- On the cruise plus transportation’s day complimentary breakfast to the cruise plus a place for leaving the car.
  • Fly, stay, and park- For a defined day’s number, comprise extended parking.
  • Metro package- For all-day sightseeing, bundle with day passes.

For more exposure, packages for leverage

  • Social media
  • Own website
  • Chamber of commerce
  • TripAdvisor
  • Convention visitors bureau
  • State websites
  • Own blast or newsletter of hotel
  • Local email marketing newsletters

If hotel packages and promotions comprise a local community partner or demand generator, the package should be on site. This will aid SEO or search engine optimization too.

Hotel promotions ideas

  • Themed promotions
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Direct booking promotions
  • Event-based promotions
  • Partnership promotions


It can be concluded that increasing revenue flow and boosting bookings at the hotel can be done significantly as they are flexible and targeted with what is offered and grab the travelers searching online’s attention.


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