Is the quality of communication that video conferencing provides sufficient?

Various people have various opinions and says in the matter, but to me, yes the quality that video conferencing service provides is quite good and it works out in the best interest of many people. There is a reason why video and web conferencing are in demand especially in the working field. Many businesses have opted for this means of conferencing while conducting interviews or assembling a team and letting them work together from various parts of the world simply by connecting through their videos. With web video conferencing services, you can also understand a persons body language to some level. It’s not quite accurate every time as it is different from face to face meetings. But with video conferencing you can have a better experience at communicating as you can see the visual of a person and hear their voice (audio) too. It brings people together from different parts of the world who are interested in the same thing, it helps you to build a bond and understanding with your teammates and co-workers. On a personal note, it helps bring family members who live far away; friends too, to find a common ground for communicating.

How it improves the quality of communication?

web video conferencing services

Web and video conferencing has not only just improved the quality of communication but also of collaboration, participation, and usability. Today people are required to have access to collaboration solutions which lets them meet through audio and video conferencing, it allows people to share their screen during presentations and business meetings, one can also use the messaging option- to text a person in the meeting if any doubt arises. However, this does not mean that you should rely fully on these technical solutions as access use might put a hinder on our work life or personal life. It also messes with our creative and productive side since we don’t have to put much efforts to work and a proper working environment isn’t established, making us lazy and unproductive. Many people have taken advantage of this online facilities that are being provided, like when an important team meeting is scheduled, certain people give excuses not to attend those meetings even if they are not busy at the time. So yes, the quality of communication that video conferencing provides is quite good but at the same time it hinders with the quality of efforts  that people put in.

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