Reputable Law Firm In Montana: What Legal Services Offered?

When looking for a law firm, you must be in search of legal services. A law firm has a team of lawyers engaging in the practice of law. The initial service rendered by the law firm is to offer legal advice to clients about legal rights and responsibilities. You are here means you are searching for legal assistance, in which the rmk law firm provides several legal services.

What are the legal services offered?

The law firm offers several legal services, namely:

  • Intellectual property registration
  • Assignment
  • Licensing
  • Protection
  • Enforcement
  • Family law

The firm gives legal advice on the protection of confidential, trade secrets, commercial and technical information, and business transactions’ intellectual property dimension. All these are advised and assisted by your most trusted law firm. The team of lawyers offers you legal advice and services that would assist you all through the process, from advice to filing a case and winning.

The intellectual property registration

It is a law firm’s to include intellectual property registration on the list of their services. A law firm can help your business claim the brand name of a business legally. A brand name of a business must be legally registered to avoid being used by some other businesses out there. Every brand name must be unique, which a law firm can help your company legally hold its name, to avoid unauthorized parties from using them.

With a registered name of your business, it keeps it prevented from using some other businesses and takes pride in your brand. There are basic aspects of intellectual property that will be protected once registered: branding, trademark, inventions, and innovative ideas. Registration of your business helps your brand obtain a sole brand name that nobody can use, but your company alone.

The protection lawyer

The consumer protection laws are the statutes and regulations, protecting debtors from creditors’ dishonest tactics and harassment. A consumer protection lawyer helps consumers to protect their rights under the law. There are different kinds of consumer protection laws covered, such as:

  • Fair debt reporting act
  • Truth in lending act
  • Fair credit billing act
  • Credit card accountability act
  • Fair housing act
  • Equal credit opportunity act
  • Food, drug, and cosmetic act
  • Fair debt collection practices act

All these are covered under the protection laws, handled by the protection lawyers. If you are in need of legal assistance and the services of these legal lawyers, you may call the rmk law firm in Montana. The team of lawyers can provide you with assistance on the mentioned services above.

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